iPad - what will it mean?

Unless you have been in a media vacuum you will have heard about Apple's new iPad product, and I'm sure you'll have differing opinions  ranging from "iWant" to "what would I use that for". I have a lot of thoughts buzzing around my head about this, but the one that rises to the top consistently is iWant, and here is why:

I think this is the first device that hails the future of computing, we have been stuck with legacy computing for several generations now, why are we still using a keyboard and mouse? Why do we need a file system, a my documents/pictures/movies folder, why do we need a folder system at all? Surely we can launch an application to view our word documents? Surely we can launch a photoviewer program to look through our photos?

The iPad will introduce computers to people who are afraid of having to know the file system of a computer, it will allow users to create and work more effectively as the computer takes up less of your focus, it cuts away the guff we put up with because of legacy.

The iPhone began this, the iPad continues it, what will be next?

I hope other manufacturers get the idea and computing moves forward and becomes focussed on the user experience, not the engineers ideas. If this happens we will truly be in a renaissance period.

Paul Atkins

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