E6 (slide film), still a good choice?

The strangest thing over Christmas 2008 has been the volume of E6 (slide film) that has been shot and processed, it must be a holiday favorite!? We asked several of our customers why they still chose to shoot the E6, and they told us that they loved the predictable results and the rich range of tones and "film feel". 

Predictability is a function of experience, so once these shooters get comfortable with digital, they will find it unbeatable, however their second point, is more complex. Many Hollywood filmmakers choose to shoot on film for the "analog" feel, to understand this you need to know how digital works.

Digital takes a scene and compartmentalises each colour and tone in to a gradation scale, with 8 bit that is 256 levels of tone for each channel of red green and blue. 256 is just enough to fool the human eye. If you compress any of these levels of tone you quickly see banding where one tone visibly steps to the next.

Most digital camera systems allow you to shoot RAW and thus get more than 8 bits per channel, however when comparing digital to film, film has infinite tonal gradation. And there is something special and freeing about infinity in our modern, controlled, protected and pigeon-holed world


PS We are happily processing E6 film in our Danish made Refrema dip and dunk, click here for more information, we are the best E6 processing lab in Australia!

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