How it works!

Just send us one photo a week

Only one image, the one that really matters. Aim for an image that is important or tells a story. You can send us more, but the aim of Memory Bank is to keep only the photos that matter.

Tell the story, a short description

Include with your image a short description of the image, the classics; who, where, what, when and why. This will form part of your memory and keep important facts safe forever.

In a year, an album!

We will then print your lovely photos with the descriptions below, on professional wedding quality photographic paper. Collecting all your precious stories in the one place forever.

Everything saved by us, just in case

All your images with the critical metadata descriptions are carefully stored. We’ve been here for 80 years and aren’t going anywhere, so you know your most loved files will be safe with us.




Professional Quality

These are wedding album style books hand made with thick card pages and full traditional silver halide photographic paper. Your images and descriptions printed below will be hand bound and presented in a stunning box covered in your choice of fabric or leather. Your name and any other design engraved on the cover. Stunning, beautiful heirloom.

$619 or $12 a week

Standard Quality

Your images and descriptions will be printed in high definition on lovely thick pages. These books are the highest quality photobooks you can get. All printed in Australia. These books are printed on thinner paper and using very different technology to our Professional Quality but are still a wonderful keepsake. Linen or leather cover choice.

$210 or $4 a week


Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help. If you can't see your question answered here email or call on 08 8431 5677.

Do I have to do it weekly? I want to do my trip to Europe.

Sure. Just let us know and send the files in. We have clients who will send us say two or three images a night while they are traveling and when they return we have an album waiting for them!

How many pages (or images) fit per album?

Our biggest album (for professional quality) is 60 pages because the pages are so thick. Also, we encourage you to select only the pictures that really matter to you, if you select too many you’ll never look at them again.

Do I have to wait a year to get my book??

Nope. You can order your book any time. Just let us know. The year is a way to simplify the idea of saving images. Encouraging people to think of ‘just one picture a week’ makes it easy and simple and importantly, doable! We believe in people printing the pictures that matter and we want you to have your memories forever. If it’s too hard you won’t do it, but everyone can do one picture a week.

Can I buy a year membership use it for old images, sending in a few at a time?

Of course! Atkins Memory Bank is a great option for people who have a trip or old images they are wanting to build into an album over time instead of trying to do it all at once. We can even accept old prints, we can scan them in for you. Just add $8 to your per image price. We will send them back to you after they’ve been scanned. Don’t forget, we will contact you to remind you to keep going with your project.

How do I get you my photos and text?

You can email them direct, or you can upload them through our website. We will send you all the details when you sign up! We want to make this as easy as possible for you.

Why only one image per page? Can't I have more?

I know! It’s so hard to choose sometimes, but sadly no. We chose the 12x12inch album size and single image per page for a very deliberate reason. Not only is big beautiful, but here is the doomsday scenario: Imagine if you cannot use of find the digital image files one day…that size is an excellent size to scan into a computer and then use that file to do pretty much anything you want. Plus, that size goes beyond the usual 6×4 prints we are all used to, and it should be, these images are special. Atkins Memory Bank is just that, it’s saving your images. Traditional light exposed Kodak Photographic paper is the most proven paper for durability and longevity combined. Storing them in a book makes it safer still.

What if I miss a week?

You don’t have to do it weekly, we only suggest that as it’s an easy way to spread it out over a year so you don’t get overwhelmed. We have clients who do it over a couple of months for example for a trip away, each night they send in their favourite shots from the day. It’s totally flexible to work with what works for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Sure do. Just shoot us an email on with your address and we will give you a quote on shipping.