The Secrets of Creating Visual Poetry

The Secrets of Creating Visual Poetry


Join Adam Williams for an evening of insight into his creative poetic landscape photography.

Learn the secrets to creating unique photography with more depth, emotion, and meaning. Use visual clues and metaphors to tell in-depth stories without words. Learn where the inspiration for creative photography comes from?

  • Discover your creative spark
  • Developing your ideas
  • Telling your unique story
  • Hear the stories behind Adam's most emotive images

Adam's talk is brought to you by EIZO and Diamonds as well as Atkins. There will be colour management specialists on hand to answer questions, and some examples of the latest EIZO displays.

We at Atkins have used EIZO displays since they were first made for the photographic industry, they are with a doubt, a big part of our success. Without such colour accuracy, our screen to print match would falter, and we'd struggle with print wastage.

When: May 10th, 6-8pm
Where: Atkins, 89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town, SA

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