SAPPA judging live on line.

AIPP SA Judging Schedule

Beginning Sunday July 26th at 8.30am and finishing Monday 27th at around 6pm, the SA AIPP Professional Photography Awards are being judged at Marden Senior College (see here for more information) If you cannot make it to be in the audience (all are welcome), then you can watch it here on the livestream:

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Florography and the iPhone

The School entrance

Over two weekends this past month, Kate Burns has attended photography workshops in both Sydney and Melbourne that were run by “The School”. The School is the brain child of Megan Morton, world renowned Australian stylist based in Sydney. Megan has recognised the desire to learn the art of making beauty, and she has an huge

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Archiving of assets – an essay

Some assorted D Darian Smith work

This information was written to assist a family in the recording of their assests for all to use. I thought it may be helpful for a wider audience. Assess The first step in this process is to determine the size of the collection and most importantly the sorting out the items that are critical for

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Colour correction using a reference image

A shirley-sRGB

Many people do not realise that an image will require colour correction before printing. Digital cameras have improved greatly, but they are still a long way from providing good consistent skin colour across a variety of scenes. And whilst the light may have become cooler as the day wears on, you don’t have to put

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Light on the Land workshop

Keith Seidel - Light on the Land Workshop

The 2015 Light on the Land Flinders Ranges workshop has now been confirmed for August 16 to 22.  It will again be based at Merna Mora Station, on the Moralana Creek between Hawker and Parachilna.  The workshops are conducted by Keith Seidel and Lou Marafioti and enquiries can be addressed to Keith Seidel on 0418

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Tiffs and Jpegs


Let’s begin by stating that the ideal base image format is a RAW file. We sincerely believe that the data straight of the camera’s sensor is the best way to store your image. In our experience, improvements in RAW processing software mean more information can be extracted from your digital camera files in time! So

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