Light on the Land workshop

Keith Seidel - Light on the Land Workshop

The 2015 Light on the Land Flinders Ranges workshop has now been confirmed for August 16 to 22.  It will again be based at Merna Mora Station, on the Moralana Creek between Hawker and Parachilna.  The workshops are conducted by Keith Seidel and Lou Marafioti and enquiries can be addressed to Keith Seidel on 0418

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Tiffs and Jpegs


Let’s begin by stating that the ideal base image format is a RAW file. We sincerely believe that the data straight of the camera’s sensor is the best way to store your image. In our experience, improvements in RAW processing software mean more information can be extracted from your digital camera files in time! So

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The curated year

Paul's End of Days Book

I have come to realise that we cannot keep everything… Obvious, perhaps. But look at your own collection of photos, do you expect to look through all of them one day..? Do you expect your descendants to wade through them? We all love photographs, we enjoy old photos. We love how they make us feel, the

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Film Challenge 2015


Picture this; mid summer, Adelaide, you pick up one roll of 120 transparency film, load it into your medium format camera, you have one morning to shoot. Midday, you return to Atkins with your exposed roll of film, we process and sleeve, 4pm meet back at Atkins to choose your best frame and a discussion

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Printing for durability

Atkins testing colour

June 2014, I visited the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Image Permanence Institute (IPI). The visit was a part of our ongoing research into providing the most useful long-term prints. Looking at long term usefulness is a good idea. After all, if we are not printing archivally, why are we printing at all? The supply of images

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