Fotomerchant University @Atkins


Fotomerchant University are running a 1 day seminar at Atkins Photo Lab on the 24th of September. 2015 This 1 day class will give each attendee a solid understanding of how websites, SEO, social networking and blogging can be used to boost the effectiveness of your online presence. Some of the topics covered are: SEO

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Fotomerchant at Atkins

Fotomerchant banner

We are super excited to be hosting the launch party for Fotomerchant3 in Adelaide. Fotomerchant is an Australian company that has created a web-based gallery software to sell your photographs. The software is elegant, and in my opinion, the best in class. Atkins has worked closely with Fotomerchant over the years, and now we expect

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Atkins in the “Working Pro”

Working Pro masthead

We are very thrilled to be interviewed for the AIPP’s “Working Pro”. This digital magazine is a monthly publication by the Peter Eastway for the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). In each edition, Peter looks at products that can help a professional photographer grow their business. Peter selected our “Rose” package for this. Here

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Finding out what your customers want

We listen

Surely this is the biggest question facing business? For years we have been told to observe and survey, many of us have paid money to marketing firms to analyse the market and identify our “ideal” customer. It has been common practise to give this ideal customer a name and personality, we were told to create a ‘frankenperson

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The market crew

Last Friday night we had a stall at the Norwood Christmas Market and Carols, it went really well. We had the opportunity to talk to people about the importance of curating their precious photos, and we actually dragged some important work off their mobile phones to make prints for them. Our wonderful new shop desks,

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