Why you should come to the Album Design session


There is a big demand for physical print products, and nothing works better at telling great stories than a good album or book. The process of album design must be approached carefully so the end result is both beautiful and tells the story you want it to. Our Album Design Summer School session will cover the essentials of designing books, including establishing a grid, using contrast and harmony, fitting in metadata, working with text and more. It will also cover the practicalities of books, from gutters to bleed and binding plus how covers work. There will also be a discussion of books versus albums.

In addition to this general information and because Atkins has began producing our own albums, we will also cover using templates that work in your favourite software(s) so you can design for our albums. We will have templates ready for Photoshop, Indesign, Proselect, Smart Albums, Lightroom and almost any software that can create photographic image files!

About the Presenter:

The presenter, Kate, has specialised in book design over the past 15 years working on large run hardcovers and magazines, and more recently wedding albums.

Kate works in Adobe Indesign, but she will be presenting a range of programmes and options for creating albums. Kate will be showing attendees the key tools and how to use them as well as using our templates for other design tools. The session will also cover Atkins’ new range of Albums, the options and features and how to order them.

Where: Atkins Photo Lab, 89 Fullarton Road Kent Town When: Monday February 2nd 2015, 10am to 1pm Cost: $75, includes morning tea and $75 towards one of our new albums Booking: Click here to book

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