Why Adobe Lightroom at the Atkins Summer School?


Before we were using Photoshop, back in 1993, we used a program called Live Picture, and because computing power back then was pretty minimal, the engineers at HSC Software (who made Live Picture) set it up to work on small previews of digital images, to keep the editing fast. When the work was complete, it did a final render whilst you made a coffee. It used layers to preserve the original, something Photoshop took a while to adopt. Live Picture was well ahead of it’s time, it was more Lightroom than Photoshop. Photoshop, wonderful though it is, has bogged photographers down in a virtual darkroom. We became ‘pixel pushers’ at the expense of many aspects of photography, from capture to curation skills. The bells and whistles of the filter gallery, has produced some of the worst digital art at the push of a button. It also built a high barrier to entry to digital photography, if you were not a ‘computer person’, your were stuck on the sidelines.

Adobe Lightroom, at $10 per month, gives back so much time, and introduces structure to the organising of your digital photos. I'll reiterate, Lightroom is not perfect, but Adobe's is committed to it, and they are the only company of size entirely dedicated to the problem.

This is why we will are focussing on Lightroom in a 3 hour session at the 2016 Atkins Summer School, January 4th and 7th.

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