Spain on Film


Spain on Film is an exhibition of photography by Lucy Spartalis, a photographer from Adelaide now based in Melbourne. This series depicts many of the sights Lucy encountered throughout a two week road trip across beautiful Spain. After many years working exclusively with digital media, she used this adventure as an opportunity to reprogram her photographic approach; slowing herself down, considering each frame more carefully, and observing scenes at much greater length than usual. Working with a Yashica Mat 124G and a mix of Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5 black and white films, she abandoned her usual focus on vivid colour, instead paying close attention to textures, shapes and light. The Twin Lens Reflex camera allowed her to work in a subtle, unobtrusive manner. She enjoyed seeing the confusion on the faces of younger people as they passed through the frame, unable to make sense of what I was doing, and the smiles of recognition from those who knew the camera from long ago.

Lucy Spartalis is a music, portrait, editorial and destination wedding photographer, working with both digital and analogue media. Born in Adelaide, Lucy studied at the Centre for Creative Photography before moving to Melbourne in 2009. She is now based in Collingwood, with her work regularly taking her around Australia and overseas. Lucy forms one half of the duo 'She Takes Pictures He Makes Films', a collaboration with her filmmaker partner Alastair Innes, in which she directs some of their film projects.

Spain on Film will run from 4 March to 8 April at The Light Gallery, Centre for Creative Photography, 138 Richmond Road.

The exhibition will be opened by CCP director Gavin Blake on Wednesday 4 March at 6pm.

Gallery hours are 9–6 Monday to Thursday, 9–5 Friday, 10–3 Saturday.