Sight For All Photographic Challenge


What an amazing colour. It speaks of optimism and warmth, when we first learn to draw, it is the colour we choose for light. This year, we want you the photographer to participate in our challenge to produce a picture or pictures around the theme of yellow. This photographic challenge has been designed to bring focus onto a gift that photographers often take for granted, their eye sight. Photographers have fantastically tuned vision, coupled with a strong sense of design.

This challenge, which is to be completed in one day, will both raise funds for Sight For All and produce an exhibtion of pictures that tells a striking story.

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to be featured in an exhibition but it will raise much needed funds for a great cause, but there are some amazing prizes: First prize is a Zeiss lens with either Canon or Nikon mount, valued at $1800(including GST) and $2500 cash ($AUD) Second Prize is $2500 ($AUD).

Click here to find out more. Click here for the terms and conditions of entry. Click here to find out more about Sight For All

Date of the challenge: World sight day, October 8th 2015 To register: Entry registration will open October 8th 11am, we will be reminding with email and on our website leading up to the date. Cost: $30 per entry

Special thanks to the prize sponsors of this challenge, Zeiss and Optos:

Zeiss and Optos together