Shooting Around Corners


Mark Tedeschi's Shooting Around Corners - inside Shooting Around Corners by Mark Tedeschi is a great collection of photographs by a senior legal professional that have been taken over his career. With unique access and a perspective few of us have, it book worthy of a photographic book collector.

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This book is a comprehensive collection of Mark Tedeschi's photographs which provides a sample of twenty-five years of his work. During this period he has been a prolific photographer, which is especially remarkable considering the other side of his life as the Senior Crown Prosecutor for New South Wales, prosecuting some of the most significant criminal trials in the State.

The photographs cover a wide gamut of topics from indigenous urban and rural communities to constructed scenes of barristers’ extracurricular pastimes and hobbies; from landscapes of urban decay to dramatic portrayals of the Australian desert; from portraits of prominent artists to delicate images of children and the elderly; and from intriguing domestic interiors to dramatic images of personal pathos on the streets of northern Italy.

Many of his images are enigmatic, humorous, and deep with subtle meaning, requiring the viewer to engage with them to fully appreciate them. His special ability is to cross cultural boundaries and engage with people from a wide variety of milieu. His numerous prizes and awards and other photographic accomplishments are a testament to his dedication to the art of photography.

The book contains more than 130 black and white and colour photographs, some with commentaries by the photographer; an introduction by art critic John McDonald; a foreword by Nicky McWilliam of Eva Breuer Art Dealer; and an interview of Mark Tedeschi by publisher Lou Klepac of The Beagle Press which explores Mark’s involvement in and passion for photography.

This book has been sponsored by the NRL with the support of Eva Breuer Art Dealer. It is published in association with an exhibition at the State Library of New South Wales entitled Onside with the NRL which has been organised by Eva Breuer Art Dealer.