AIPP Professional Photographic Awards printing 2016.


AIPP Professional Photographic Awards printing.

For the 2017 awards season, Atkins are offering three service levels for your award entries:

1. Direct print, mount and matt.
This process bypasses our artwork and file preparation, and we simply print and mount your entry to your specifications. We will however identify obvious flaws where we can and notify you, if you require us to do more then, option 2 below, is more appropriate. The price per entry varies depending on the image size, paper type and matting complexity, however a typical entry printed on art paper mounted and matted to specification, will cost around $80.

2. Atkins assisted print mount and matt.
In preparation for printing, under your guidance, one of our experts (David or Miriam), will:

  • check for digital blemishes / artwork (minor artwork, colour and density adjustments is included)

  • check for textural consistancy

  • check for adequate resolution of files

  • general advice on final image selections

  • print a gicleé fine art print

  • mount on an award specification sized matt board

  • matt to award specification sized foamcore backing

  • The cost of this is $105 per entry, regardless of the paper type and print size selected, however complex matts may incur additional charges.

3. One-on-one preparation session with David or Miriam.
If you wish to book time with one of our experts to plan and print your awards entries, their time can be booked in 15 minute sessions. The cost is $40 per 15 minutes. Add to this cost the direct print mount and matt cost of around $80 per entry.

Click here to email and make a booking for your awards printing.

Critical dates around the 2017 SAPPAs.

  • Atkins deadline for the award print special, only when ordering 4 or more print, mount and matts, is Thursday June 1st at 5pm CST, we can accept orders beyond this date, but the price will be list price, or possibly rush rates.

  • AIPP Online registration for entry closes 5PM Thursday 15th June 2017

  • All print cases must be received 5PM Thursday 22nd June 2017

  • Judging dates - Sunday 25th June & Monday 26th June

  • Awards presentation dinner, Tuesday 28th June

Link to AIPP SA Awards information and rules.

A word about the SAPPAs.

The Epson AIPP SA Professional Photography Awards are an excellent way to learn about modern photography and image making. At all of the events around the awards there is rigorous discussion of what makes a successful image. Just sitting in the audience at the feedback nights, or during the judging will be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Non members are welcome at most events, please contact AIPP organisers if you want more information.

Print cases:


Print cases.
Atkins also stocks the AIPP print cases, they cost $140.00 (incl GST). They hold around 6 matted prints, you get them back afterwards, they are very durable and will last forever. 

Eventually they will be covered in entry stickers and filled with years of hopes and dreams, they become a loved old friend :).
Click here to email Atkins and order your print case.