Last Friday night we had a stall at the Norwood Christmas Market and Carols, it went really well. We had the opportunity to talk to people about the importance of curating their precious photos, and we actually dragged some important work off their mobile phones to make prints for them. Our wonderful new shop desks, with iMacs on them, conceal a cool little battery system that allows for 18 hours of running without being plugged in, so we can do such excursions and take the tech and message to the people.

We had many questions about professional photographers and took the time to explain how important professional photographers are, and pass on some recommendations.

One of the biggest benefits of doing exercises like this, is the chance to talk with lovers of photography and find out their habits and desires, great chance to research your market.

Our team of Karen Horne, her wonderful daughter Amber, Kate, Elizabeth, Josephine, and myself left exhausted at 10.30pm. The star crew member was the 14yo Amber, who blew us away with her skills at showing our wares to the visitors.