Making film a choice as a professional photographer.

In a world where everyone is a photographer, professionals are constantly looking for that point of difference. Mark Dohring of Bentinmarcs and Dan Wooldridge of Eon Images have both chosen film as their point of difference. The shoot weddings and portraits for predominantly domestic clients on film. Dan shoots 100% film, and Mark 95%.

This raises many questions, from workflow, through to effectiveness, film still a viable option, or is it a fad? Consider this, the highest grossing box office film, Star Wars - The Force Awakens, was shot on film. The latest James Bond release, was also shot on film. And we here at Atkins have experienced significant growth in film processing.

Sure, a lot of the look of film can be processed into digital files with practise, but the infinite highlights of film still allude digital sensors. However there is more than this, film has a very different workflow, and a different 'presence' when working with clients.

This is why we put on Demystifying film for photographers. Mark and Dan will be presenting this discussion, and showing how they work, and how it is working for them.

Every professional photographer needs to hear this, at least to help make up your own mind.

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Here is a gallery of Mark's work:



Here is a gallery of Dan's work:




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