Life and Times in the Republic of Broken Hill


Robin Sellick's Life and Times in the Republic of Broken Hill - Robin Sellick and Jack Marx teamed up for this wonderful snapshot of Broken Hill's characters in a larger-than-life book, filled with full-bleed photographs and sharp prose that stays with you.

Life and Times in the Republic of Broken Hill is for sale in limited numbers at Atkins for $45.00

Here is a review on Broken Hill - For Real:

Turning his lens away from the world’s biggest stars, Sellick became inspired by the people of Broken Hill. His stunningly honest photography captures their strength, vulnerability, passion, regret, love, resilience, joy and contentment – epic tales within still frames – and reveals a chorus of unique characters as colourful and vibrant as the desert that surrounds them.

Sellick’s original aim was to represent a microcosm of Australia, but he soon realised Broken Hill is like nowhere else. “I wanted to show a cross-section of the community,” says Sellick. “And they all had to be environmental portraits. You couldn’t do a series of portraits of people in Broken Hill and shoot them all against a white background. The environment is what shapes people.”

“There’s no dress code in town and so that’s a part of the uniqueness of the town as well. That eccentricity allows us to run free and so it’s all here, you don’t have to do anything. I’m sitting here in the street and I can see people from all works of life expressing who they are.”