Congratulations Gary Sauer-Thompson

Congratulations Gary Sauer-Thompson on winning the Atkins Photographic prize for the 2015 SA Living Artists Festival! Gary's exhibition has been staged at the Light Gallery and closes this Sunday.

Gary's black and white abstractions are a stand-in for what we appear to have lost from the archives — the  photographic modernist abstractions that were made in Adelaide during the 1950s and 1960s by the visual avant grade.  His pictures are what he has imagined such a photography could have been like. This exhibition is an attempt to reconnect with and build upon the minor  tradition of  photographic abstraction in Australia. The pictures are large and medium format abstractions seen in natural and human landscapes. - The Light Gallery.

The judges felt that Gary's current work "Australian Abstractions" is a deep exploration of abstractions past and present. The black and white series are stunning and show a mastery over the tonal range, bringing a glow to granite and bark that has not been seen since the work of John Sexton. The colour work is a strong contemporary look at Australian abstracts with a colour pallet and human touch distinctly industrial Australia. Well done Gary!

Gary's website:

The finalists for the prize were Mark Kimber's exhibition at the St Ignatius Art Show and Adrian Caon's show at the Tin Cat Cafe.