Atkins at Megan Morton's School.


We are so thrilled to be invited again to support Ashley Woodson Bailey's Florography class at The School in Melbourne.

Ashley has defined a photographic technique called Florography, it involves photographing flower arrangements in very soft light and processing the images through to what can be described at "Dutch Master" style.

The most fascinating aspect of the technique is that it is best executed on a smart phone! Ashley uses the camera in the phone to feed images in the "AfterLight" for processing. Whist she has replicated the technique with a DSLR and Photoshop, the path to a great image is much steeper.

We print Ashley's images here in Australia, and in the USA she uses Richards Lab.

The School is run my renowned stylist Megan Morton, they offer a range of beautiful classes in so many things, including Calligraphy, Knitting, Dyeing, and more.

Paul Atkins is running the latest Canon Pro 1000 printer printing on to Hahnemühle PhotoRag for the attendees. Each participant can have a print made, and the advanced class receives three. The Canon printer is in Atkins' hands for testing, and it is proving to be a great tool once a custom profile has been prepared by Paul's team. Thanks to Steve Huddy of Canon for the loan of the printer!

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