AIPP awards printing


The 2015 AIPP Professional Photographic Awards season is well in swing. Our fine art printing department has a great success record printing for category winners at both state and national level. Whilst the awards are about the image, the representation of that image is the print. The awards judging is held under very specific lighting designed to show up every flaw of an image. This we can help you with.

You can book time with David or Miriam to prepare your image for print, we can print on the most suitable paper and mount and matt it to awards' standards.

For 2015, Atkins is offering a 20% discount when four or more entries are being prepared at any one time. To make use of this, mention this blog post when you place your order.

This discount is available up until Monday July 13th at 10am CST, within this ten day limit, we will print mount and matt your award entries in record time, but the discount will not apply.