Adelaide's Best Wedding Photo 2014


Paul Mac's 2013 winning image.


Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph 2014 - your chance to win a full page advert in Brides of Adelaide!

Atkins are proud to announce a new partnership for the Adelaide's Best Wedding Photo competition, we are now judging the competition at the Best Day Ever Wedding Festival January 30 - Feb 1st.

If you wish to enter, you must read the terms and conditions, they have changed.

PLEASE NOTE - entries close TODAY!

What is "Adelaide's Best Wedding Photograph"?.

It is a competition to promote professional wedding photography to Brides and Grooms, particularly the importance of a using an experienced photographer on their wedding day, and not trusting their precious memories to a relative or a friend. Adelaide has many excellent professional wedding photographers, and we see many of them.

Each entrant submits a single image, which we print at 50x60cm with a white border (so we are not locked into any particular shape). This we then mount onto board. Each entry has a number printed on it. The entries are judged at the Best Day Ever Wedding Festival, by ballot, taken from visitors to the expo.

Simultaneously, we run an online voting in the same fashion. After the weekend, we tally up the votes from at the show and online. The entrant receiving the most votes wins.

The winning photographer receives a full page advert valued at $1600.00 inc gst for the July 2015 edition of the Brides of Adelaide!

Photographers who wish to enter the competition, must register and pay their $50 entry fee, and submit an image that was taken at a wedding during the 2014 calendar year.

The image must have the approval of the bride and groom for this purpose.

Whilst you do not have to be a customer of Atkins to enter the competition, only Atkins' customers will be a part of the on-line gallery promoting the entrants and will get preference with our limited number of entries.

We get quite a lot of traffic seeking wedding photographers, and past competitions have generated a lot of interest, so if you are not already an Atkins customer you should strongly consider using the lab who's priority is service and quality.

So hop on in and be a part of this great opportunity.

Click here for terms and conditions. Note, they have changed from previous years.

Click here to go to the Best Day Ever Wedding Festival web site.

Here are the last three winners: