What is Duratrans?

Kodak Endura Display Material (Duratrans)

Kodak Endura Display Material (Duratrans)

Duratrans (Kodak Endura Display Material) is an opaque backlit film used to make prints for light boxes. The product is made by Kodak and is still considered the highest quality product for light box display.

Duratrans is a light sensitive photographic product, to print an image onto it, one needs to expose an image to it. The exposure can be made using a photographic negative in an enlarger, or using a digital file in a digital photographic printer. One the Duratrans is exposed (in the dark), it is then developed, bleached and fixed in colour chemistry. The process and chemistry can also be described as a silver halide process, or wet darkroom printing.

The key to it's quality is the black areas of an image reproduce very faithfully, blocking all but the strongest backlighting. This is not currently possible with any inkjet process. Evidence of this is that Apple, currently the largest company in the world, and a master of managing brand and image, insists on durations for it's point of sale graphics in it's iconic Apple Stores. This client alone may be solely responsible for the survival of Duratrans as a product.

Atkins no longer produces Duratrans prints itself, but regularly prepares files for and arranges Duratrans prints for customers. We can also fabricate light boxes to suit your custom purpose. Please request a quote if you wish pricing.