Online ordering software problems with MacOS X 10.12


For any launch failures in macOS 10.12 Sierra after updating from 10.11 or to try full re-install:

First, Delete the old dmg files and the .ROESEngineCache folder from your system.

To do this, open Finder and in the top menu click Go and select Go to folder from the list.  A dialog window will open with a field to type a path into.  Please enter:
and click OK/Open.  When the new Finder window opens select the entire contents of the folder and send to Trash.
Delete the desktop icon for the ROES program.

Delete the branded from the Applications folder

Using Safari, do a fresh download of the launch.dmg from the default install page.  A newly downloaded version of the launch.dmg is needed!

The new installer will show a few additional dialog windows, including one that needs further action to confirm creation of a desktop shortcut.

As an additional workaround, drag the specific ROES .app in the unpacked disk image (.dmg that opened) and drop into the Applications folder. Then double click and run the .app file from there to install.