Italy Photo Tour


Experiencing Italy is a feast for the senses.  For photographers Italy offers classical landscapes, timeless small villages, the unbridled charm and culture of the cities.  Remnants of Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance civilisations are everywhere and the villages and cities offer limitless opportunities for people and street photography.
In October 2017 Alberto Giurelli and Keith Seidel will co-lead Photo Tour Italy 2017.
Across 12 nights (October 10-22, 2017) this small group photo tour will take in Rome and its surrounding hill villages; the hilltop villages and classic landscapes of Tuscany; the art, culture and history of Florence; and, the wonders of Venice. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to experience some of the best that Italy has to offer.
Photographing in autumn will provide wonderful light whilst avoiding the peak summer crowds that can make it difficult to photograph in the cities' more popular locations. Not that the tour will be sticking to the popular locations.
Alberto and Keith are keen to take you beyond "postcard" photography and will be combining some of the iconic locations with other interesting possibilities that Alberto and Keith both know of from their photography in Italy.  The programme will be flexible enough to take advantage of "found" opportunities, and Alberto's intimate knowledge of Rome will add a local flavour to the eternal city.
The tour will suit lovers of landscapes, architecture, street and candid people photography with an added local flavour. Photo Tour Italy 2017 will also provide opportunities for participants to experience the history, culture, food and wine of the cities and small villages alike.
If you would like to register your interest to receive information updates on this exciting photographic opportunity please contact Alberto at:  or call Alberto on 0412 112 976 or Keith on 0418 838 504.  Keep an eye on Alberto and Keith’s Facebook posts for more information and Keith will be providing regular updates on his website at
Alberto and Keith are hoping that you will consider joining them in Italy in October 2017