Project 7.30 comes to Adelaide



Craig Wetjen and Steve Scalone have teamed up to create a unique opportunity for other photographers to really become part of a special photographic collaboration. A fun and challenging day that starts with shooting the streets of Adelaide, editing and printing your image to then having it displayed within an amazing exhibition space...

All in the one day!

Thirty photographers start the day in Adelaide CBD at 7:30am December 2nd to spend a few hours concentrating on what they love to photograph within this diverse city. 

After the photography, we make our way to Atkins Photo Lab where there will be printers, ready to print your image and hung ready for the exhibition opening at 7:30pm that night.

We have great sponsors on board like EPSON and ILFORD who are excited to be part of it so paper and printing is completely taken care of.

There is an exhibit fee of $100 each to participate. Also there are plans to invite the media and an auction of the prints to charity on the night.

We would really love you to consider being a part of this project. Let’s create an amazing exhibition together.

Please let either of us know if there are any further questions or details required. We’d be excited to have you on board!

Many thanks,
Craig Wetjen and Steve Scalone