A Small World exhibition and auction closes soon.

Steven DaLuz's Emergence.

Steven DaLuz's Emergence.

One of the most interesting exhibitions to happen in South Australia in recent years is Magpie Springs A Small World.

The concept is to show small works of art (painting, collage, photographs), 6x4inch small, en-masse to demonstrate the connection of artists world wide. Most of the participants were reached through Facebook, and the organiser Avril Thomas has worked tirelessly to bring them together.

Artists had to send their submission via mail to the Southern Vales gallery where Avril collated the works, set up a website with auction features, hung the works and hosted hundreds of visitors to the show.

It is a stunningly engaging show, at first glance you see a grid, then like a microscope on a lawn, the closer you get, the more life you see. I found myself lost in the collection, struggling to pick favourites.

The exhibition closes January 15th 2017 as does the auction. Bidding is slow and steady, but it is looking like it will heat up as the closure nears. To really grasp the enormity of the show, you have to visit the gallery.

“A Small World” exhibition is also raising money for Cancer Council SA’s research, prevention and support services with money raised going to the Cancer Council SA on behalf of Marilyn Jetty Swim.

Paul Atkins
As a caveat, I too have a work in the show, a small print of one of my favourite photographs, Flying Solo, here is the link to it on the auction site.

Exhibition Website link
Auction Website link

Paul Atkins' exhibition and auction entry, Flying Solo.

Paul Atkins' exhibition and auction entry, Flying Solo.

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