Peter Solness workshops

Waterscape by Peter Solness

Waterscape by Peter Solness

The Shimmer Photographic Biennale has a strong focus on participation. Each year the festival brings an artist from outside the state or country to be the 'resident artist'. This year Peter Solness takes up the role.

Peter is an award-winning photographer, teacher and writer, with a life-long passion for the Australian environment. He began his 40-year career as a photographer for Surfing World magazine in the 1970’s, before moving into photojournalism at the Sydney Morning Herald and later becoming an acclaimed landscape photographer.

His work is regularly profiled in newspapers and magazines and his images are held within a range of public and private collections.

Light painting can be applied in many different ways to create memorable images. In this half-day workshop attendees will work in a studio environment and explore ways to create unique still life and portrait images, using simple hand-held torches. You will have the opportunity to work on location to create unique and memorable images, which can add variety and technical diversity to your portfolio. There will also be a presentation of Peter's best images to get you inspired!

  • Native wildflowers such as Banksias and Bottlebrush will be set up and photographed using specially modified torches.
  • A range of interesting objects will be available to use in your arrangements;
  • We will also explore ways of doing portraiture using torchlight and look at ways to solve common technical issues which can occur when using slow exposures.

There will be the opportunity to try out some of the latest light painting tools on the market such as: The Pixelstick, EL (electroluminescent) Wire, Fibre Optic Brushes, Perspex Light Refractors, Light Wands and other fascinating light modifying devices.
This workshop is best suited to photographers of an intermediate level who are comfortable using manual settings on their cameras.

Peter will reside at Redpoles, one of the regions treasured gallery/restrauants. Bookings can be made by following the below links:

Sculpting with light: landscape light painting and post production.
Light tableaux: light painting still life