There but for the grace of God, go I...


' There but for the grace of God, go I... ' is a photographic narrative of time Mona Khizam spent researching human rights in a Sahrawi refugee camp in Algeria. Each picture offers an insight into the lives of ordinary people struck in the middle of the politics of colonialism.

The Western Sahara, known as Africa's last colony, was doled out to Spain in 1885 when greedy European colonial powers carved up Africa between themselves at the Berlin Conference. 90 years later, when the Spanish were on their way out, the Moroccans decided to invade. 

Since then, some 200,000 Sahrawis have been stranded in refugee camps in the middle of the desert where it can get up to 50 degrees in the middle of the day and down to zero at night. They work towards independence through diplomatic means but essentially, they have lost their freedom, they are stranded...

Why is this important ? Why should it matter ? Because the politics of war, occupation and colonialism is so random and so harsh. Anybody could, through circumstances beyond their control, become displaced. It could happen to anyone, it could happen to you and it could happen to me but for the grace of God...

Artist(s) being exhibted: Mona Khizam ( pronounced Kie-zam ) is Adelaide-born though she spent 18 years in South East Asia and 12 in Sweden, studying teaching in Malaysia and Singapore and film in Sweden. 

For the past 10 years Mona has taught, written and made documentary films on refugees, human rights, colonialism and identity.

Exhibtion Space address: 2 Haines Road, Tea Tree Gully, SA 5091 Australia

Exhibtion opening and closing dates: LAUNCH : Sunday 7th of August to Wednesday 24th September, 2016

Exhibition opening hours: 12 - 5pm