Kristallnacht. 2013. Type c print. 33 x 50cm

Kristallnacht. 2013. Type c print. 33 x 50cm

Witness is a series of photographic images that are part documentary and part travelogue. The images come from an intense period of work & travel in Germany and Australia between 2011-13. Many of the images depict travel of some sort, be it, a German tourist attraction, or from a daily walk in Australia. The images draw upon the notion of the Grand Tour, which existed between 1660 and the 1840s, and was a tradition where people made use of travel as a way to learn about Europe's past art, architecture and history. In witness the everyday from Europe to Australia is laid before us with equal value and interest.

The Light Gallery, Centre for Creative Photography. 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, South Australia

Dates: 19th June - 24th July 2016

Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 9-5pm. Sunday 2-5pm. Artist in Gallery every Sunday during the exhibition.