Land Sea You Me is underway - almost


Che Chorley's Land Sea You and Me project was launched back in August with a full house at the lab. Che had planned to head off in July for a fabulous six month adventure engaging with the coast of South Australia from the seat of his bike. Along the way Che will be photographing places and people, capturing our gem of a state.

Che is being supported by his partner Myf and daughter Juniper following in a car. They will rendezvous every few days to resupply and share their time. Unfortunately, little Junpier had an accident shortly after embarking and the adventure is on temporary hold as she is being assessed back here in Adelaide for any repercussions from the incident. We wish Che, Myf and Junpier all the best, and hope to see LSYM back on track.

Here is some more information on the project, and links to Che's website.

"LAND SEA YOU ME will be both a photographic and physical journey. It will test me physically, emotionally and artistically. 5000Kms at a minimum by bike. Trailer on the back with all my living equipment, photographic gear and food and water. Camping every night, waking to the light. It will be uncomfortable, cold, wet and at times lonely. I'll spend my time in the saddle, in the sea and on the land. I'll spend my time with the people and strangers who live and love by the ocean. I'll photograph the moments that would be missed if it weren't for slowing down and moving pedal by pedal. The physical journey, the traveling from west to east will be kept as organic as possible. The day-to-day will be determined by the light, the communities and towns I pass through and the people I meet. I'll begin in July and finish in December, but between those times I'll leave my adventure to the whims of the LAND, the SEA, and YOU and ME.
LAND The journey will take place on land, and I will be photographing some of SA's most wondrous landscapes, seen by few. It will be an interaction between adventurer and landscape. It will be a showcase of the raw, unbridled beauty of our country. The misty mornings, the scorching heat of the day and the cold nights. I will explore and learn the relationship of the people and their land, the Indigenous history and our future.
SEA I has a relationship with the ocean strengthened by personal photographic work in the brine. The sea will be shared by the surfers, and the megafauna along the coast, by the farmers, the divers, the fishos and families on holiday. I will capture it all from land and at sea level. It is the whitecaps, the rolling waves and fog, the calm days, the cliffs of the Nullarbor, the sunsets over the ocean, the shipwrecks and salty tales.
YOU This is the people that I will meet along the journey. This is everyone who follows the journey, reads the book, or buys a print. You is the people who will share a meal with me or a roof for the night. You is the friendly folk of South Australia's coast, the workers, the drifters, folks who have made their homes nestled amongst the dunes. You is the sponsors and supporters who make this journey possible.
ME This is the relationship between me, the bike and the road. This is the gruelling kilometres I will put in the saddle. This is my photography and me as the adventurer, surfer, environmentalist, storyteller." - Che Chorley

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