Atkins Promoting your exhibition


If we have assisted in the printing of your exhibition, then we would be pleased to help you by promoting it through our channels.

We ask that you please fill out the form located at the below web address, and then also email us an image that supports the exhibition. Please do not send in the invitation as a graphic, often the text is too hard to read on screen. If you fill out the form, we can produce a searchable easily readable communication that we will distribute.

The image you email in, it needs to be a jpeg 1600pixels on the long edge, it can contain the exhibtion title, but much more and it will get lost.

These days, it is also important to include a web address detailing the exhibition. This can be your website, or the gallery's website, but it should have further details on the exhibition, yourself as the artist and your wider body of work. Whilst this isn't critical, it is very helpful for interested viewers, and is often expected. You will find a place to fill in all of this information on the form linked below.

We cannot guarantee to promote each exhibition, but we will endeavour to.

Paul AtkinsComment