Great listening


Over the past two months, some great listening has come out of the Black Market Network (, all of these are worth your time to listen to. You can either play them directly from the webpage, or download to play on your phone or music playing device, and if you are already a fan of podcasts, add them to your subscriptions. It is all free and filled with useful information. Below are the recent episodes we recommend you listen to, in the back catalogue there are plenty to enjoy:

Photographer Interview with Murray White. Murray is a photojournalist who has worked around the globe for some of the biggest publications, listen to his story.

Q and A Photo with Murray White. Listen to a discussion around modern photojournalism with Murray, DJ and Paul Atkins.

Q and A Photo with Dan and Mark, the film shooters. This is an excellent discussion of film as a tool for professional photographers, Dan and Mark are successful wedding photographers using film as their medium.

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