Primary School Portrait Project


We are proud to be supporting photographic art in all places at all ages. In this project we gifted the production of the finished portrait prints that hung in the exhibition. The end result is fascinating, seeing how children choose to express themselves.

About the project:

Mark Kimber and Deborah Paauwe worked with primary school students to produce a series of portraits of the students, reflecting themselves. Here is some information about the project from Deb Paauwe, who coordinated it:

Cultural and Personal Identity with Mark Kimber & Deborah Paauwe

(Art Show Project)
A mask making and photography workshop – the aim of which is for students in Room 14 to produce a series of hand made masks by using photos (colour print outs) of our favourite sport stars, scientists, writers, artists, performers etc. Students can draw from art history and contemporary popular culture, Ned Kelly to Justin Bieber. These images will then be stuck onto cardboard masks.
The masks are full face white cardboard with a strap. The fun part is not just making an exact mask of someone well known but also using collage to construct funny and strange faces too.
You will make a mask of your own choice and upon completion, you can either have your photograph taken while wearing your mask or perhaps you might like to take a selfie. At the Art Show, our class will exhibit our photographs along with our masks for display.

As you will be wearing your mask in your photograph, no one will know who is who.

And this just arrived with a bottle of wine, how beautiful!

And this just arrived with a bottle of wine, how beautiful!