Wedding Wolfpack


One of our lovely clients, Joshua Kane, is part of the collective Wedding Wolfpack.

The collective are organising a retreat for wedding photographers here in South Australia, and it sounds like a good opportunity to pull back from the intensive world of being a wedding photographer, and work on your business, not in it.

Here are some words from the Wedding Wolfpack about their retreat:

The Wolf Pack Retreat is an adventure-based gathering for photographers with an appetite for new experiences, deeper connections and fearless experimentation!

Together, we’ll explore and celebrate what it means to create meaningful art for humans in love, through the sharing of ideas, philosophies and off-kilter campfire ramblings.

Whether you’re ultra busy or quietly honing your craft, the retreat is a chance to regroup, re-ignite your passion for this pursuit, and devour some delicious inspiration in a spectacular setting! More than anything, we believe in camaraderie over competition… so let’s create something special together in South Oz!

Click here to go to the Wedding Wolfpack Retreat website.

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