Hertzfeld's Super Heros

Chris Herzfeld and Thom Buchanan, Superheroes: Seeking the Truth 2013

Chris Herzfeld and Thom Buchanan, Superheroes: Seeking the Truth 2013


We have been watching the production of Chris Hertzfeld's Superheroes: Golden Vengeance and its sequel Superheroes: Toxic Debris for several years now. We have had the work "Seeking the Truth" hanging at Atkins, and it is breath taking. The combination of Thom Buchanan's set painting, the action of the dancers, and the perfect lighting and capture of the scene by Chris is something to behold. Viewers expect it to be a work of photoshop, and multiple capture, but when one learns it is single capture, unedited, it is hard to believe.

The extension of this work Superheroes: Toxic Debris, will be on display on the University of Adelaide Collections, Hub Display Wall from 1 August – 31 October 2016. It has been printed by us in panels, or 'cells' like a comic book.

Technical information about the works:

The Superheroes photography is created without special effects. Single shot images: no motor winder, trampolines, wires, harnesses or Photoshop cutting and pasting were used to create them. The dancers jump and one image is taken with usually no more than 4 – 6 images per set up. The background is hand drawn by artist Thom Buchanan and measures 12 x 3.5 m, taking 20 hours to complete.

Camera: Leaf AFi-11 12
Lens: Schneider Super: Angulon, 50 mm
Exposure: F 13, 1/200, ISO 50
Lighting: Broncolour: 6 x A4 grifit 3200, 12 x Pulso 3200

About Chris:

Chris Herzfeld was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1964 and currently lives and works there. In 1981 Chris embarked on a career as a lighting cameraman. He has worked for numerous national and international television, film and video production companies. In 2003 Chris set up Camlight Productions, a production company specializing in high quality imagery: both stills and moving. He works extensively throughout the Australian dance industry as a photographer and cinematographer. Over the past 34 years he has won many Australian Cinematographer Society awards as well as a number of international photography awards for his photographic work. Chris is a full member of the AIPP, ACMP and ACS.

Link to Chris' website: http://www.camlight.com.au

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