Canberra photo community and PhotoAccess gallery.

Sinan Revell,   Elderly 4   and   Homeless  , 2009

Sinan Revell, Elderly 4 and Homeless, 2009


We made a visit to Canberra earlier this month and met with photographers at Photo Access gallery. The gallery is located near the centre of Canberra, and has great wall space, with professional management, well worth a visit. PhotoAccess has built a vibrant community, the venue provides a place to gather and talk photography, with darkrooms and scanners to rent.

Currently showing are two exhibitions, Indecisive Moments by artists Ursula K Frederick and Katie Hayne, and COLOUR/BLIND by Sinan Revell. Indecisive moments explores the idea of glitch in our visual culture, and COLOUR/BLIND is a mixed media experience . A great pair of shows, you can read more about them on the PhotoAccess website link below.

PhotoAccess is also taking applications if you wish to exhibit.

To find out more, click here.

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