Masterclass: Transitions; emerging to professional


The Centre for Creative Photography are offering an amazing four week class to help emerging photographers into a better 'business' frame of mind.

This is a four night workshop over four Thursday evenings, 27 October – 17 November 6.30-9.30pm

N.B. This course is strictly limited to 12 participants.

You will be mentored and gain a wealth of knowledge from longtime professional photographers Milton Wordley and Simone Hanckel.

The Seminars:

Transitioning from a student of photography to making a living after your studies is challenging.  The CCP and Atkins technicolour have planned a series of seminars to support students by addressing the realities of this process. We are particularly inviting all students of photography to attend these evenings, whether they are:
•    Just commencing their photographic studies
•    Nearing the end of their studies or,
•    Just considering a career in photography.
We believe that it is wise to learn sound business principles and practices early.
The fact is that many students do take on paid work and every professional photographer will face competition from well-intentioned but inexperienced amateur photographers.

•    All sessions are limited to a maximum of twelve students.
•    Light refreshments will be provided during the networking Q&A sessions.

A segment of each class will be dedicated to questions and answers and networking. There will be classroom-based exercises based on the below topics as well as assignments:

•    Pricing : The differences in Domestic pricing and Commercial quoting
•    Photography business models – Commercial and Domestic
•    Basic business budgets; overheads—what does it cost to do nothing?
•    Legal obligations
•    Branding, marketing and Social Media
•    Copyright and licensing
•    Planning and strategies for the Commercial and Domestic market
•    Insurance
•    Career pathways—assisting, art, media, wedding, portrait, commercial, fashion…
•    Case studies
•    Digital asset management (workflow)

Please note: Despite the content of budgeting etc., this is not a bookkeeping or business course, but a realistic approach to making it in the Photographic Industry.