120 Film Challenge Exhibition is open

February 13th 2015, 19 intrepid photographers met here at Atkins at 9am to collect a single roll of 120 transparency (slide) film. They set off into a ferocious Adelaide summer morning with their medium format cameras, from another era, to make a series of photos for this challenge. Transperancy film is a curious cat, whilst it renders beautiful strongly coloured pictures, it has very little latitude of exposure. Latitude describes a film’s ability to capture detail in highlights and shadows in a single exposure. A modern digital camera should be able to capture seven stops of latitude. Stops referring to the f-stops of a camera. The highest end digital cameras can capture fourteen stops! Colour negative, or print film, can capture seven stops.

Transperancy film can only capture four.

So the challenge was to head out on a hot day, when the light is not ideal, beating down from overhead, using older equipment, with film that is limited in it’s latitude, and in some cases only have four exposures on that one roll of film, and with only three hours to make the picture... This is why we call it a challenge.

And how well did our participants do...fantastically I think.

You are welcome to come by Atkins and enjoy a review of the work from these excellent and brave individuals. The exhibition will be up until August 2015

The participants in the 120 Film Challenge: Kelly Brendon Gary Sauer-Thompson Peter Strazds Terry Hann Sarah Fairbanks Matt Roughan Luke Greaves Eric Parsonage John Driggers Derek McClure Pascal Urlings Jim Filmer Mike Lim Fred Bray Simon Casson Kylie Macey