Serious Matter


Helena Foll's - Global Marble and Milan Foll's - When I grow up is a combined exhibition that explores "Serious Matter".

Where: Port Noarlunga Art Centre, 22 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga, SA 5167 Australia
When: 13th April - 13th May, 10:00 - 4:00 Monday to Friday, 12:00 - 4:00 Saturday, Sunday Closed.

About Helena:
I was born in Prague into a bohemian family of two artists. From an early age I was surrounded with paints, brushes and a playful artistic environment. I started to draw and paint as a teenager.

In 2012 I decided to experiment first time with creating collages and with photography. In my recent collection, Global Marble, I continue to explorevarious photography and collage techniques to convey my interpretations about one my favourite books, The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint Exupery. The book is a tender tale about friendship and life’s universal truths intertwined with a social criticism of shortcomings of humanity.

Helena says: “ I remain amused by the fact that Exupery apologises to children for dedicating his book to grown-ups. He continues with a statement that all grown-ups were children once. He may be implying that children are granted a clarity of vision without the complications and restrains of commercial and practical concerns of adulthood. When reading the book, you are able to momentarily immerse yourself in the children’s world full of its all magical wonderment.

Global Marble collection is dedicated to the individual chapters of the book, the unique stories and the ageless moral tales.

I add my own commentary on the gown-ups conformity and my own experiences and philosophical observations about life and human nature.



About Milan:
For Milan it is the observation or the possibility to tell a story that is the most important part of the photograph.

Milan says; “when you read a book, in your mind you convert words into pictures.  I like to engage with viewers to create words out of my pictures and to inspire the observers to compose their own unique stories.”

Milan’s latest collection – “When I grow up” - focuses on capturing and freezing random moments of ever moving and transforming lives in today’s contemporary society with the main emphasis on youth.

Central to Milan’s work is his ongoing pursuit in revealing and evoking human emotions by using his classic conceptual minimalism in composition and colour.



Judith Crispin's Lumen Seed


We are proud to be hosting the Adelaide launch of Judith Crispin's book The Lumen Seed.

The evening will include a conversation with the artist, Judith, that will reveal her approach and process that has led to this remarkable body of work as well as a small exhibition of prints, and projected images.

For more information and to book your place at this event, click below:


Hidden Port

Wool store, Santos Parade, Photographer: Danica Gacesa McLean

Wool store, Santos Parade, Photographer: Danica Gacesa McLean

"The Port is in flux. Dormant industrial buildings are being reclaimed and repurposed.  With analogue cameras and rolls of film, three local photographers have unbolted doors to capture this moment of transition.

The ghosts of the working port are everywhere.  In the wool stores, jarrah floors reek of lanolin.  In the flour mill, dusty machines evoke the thunder and rumble of steel and stone cracking wheat.  At the quarantine station, bedding laced with moth holes is tossed back from an iron bedstead as if the internee has just departed.

Of the cluster of boat yards that clung to Cruickshank's Corner, however, nothing is left but steel slipways; the rest was demolished in 2009.

The photographers find beauty in abandoned spaces—hidden elements revealed by a shaft of light through a broken window, the solidity of stone quoins that once bore the weight of tons of milling machinery."

Atkins is proud sponsors of this wonderful exhibition. All prints are available for sale at this gallery.

Where: SA Maritime Museum, 126 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide
When: Open now through to April 2017
Cost: Free with General Admission pass to the Museum.


Italy Photo Tour


Experiencing Italy is a feast for the senses.  For photographers Italy offers classical landscapes, timeless small villages, the unbridled charm and culture of the cities.  Remnants of Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance civilisations are everywhere and the villages and cities offer limitless opportunities for people and street photography.
In October 2017 Alberto Giurelli and Keith Seidel will co-lead Photo Tour Italy 2017.
Across 12 nights (October 10-22, 2017) this small group photo tour will take in Rome and its surrounding hill villages; the hilltop villages and classic landscapes of Tuscany; the art, culture and history of Florence; and, the wonders of Venice. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to experience some of the best that Italy has to offer.
Photographing in autumn will provide wonderful light whilst avoiding the peak summer crowds that can make it difficult to photograph in the cities' more popular locations. Not that the tour will be sticking to the popular locations.
Alberto and Keith are keen to take you beyond "postcard" photography and will be combining some of the iconic locations with other interesting possibilities that Alberto and Keith both know of from their photography in Italy.  The programme will be flexible enough to take advantage of "found" opportunities, and Alberto's intimate knowledge of Rome will add a local flavour to the eternal city.
The tour will suit lovers of landscapes, architecture, street and candid people photography with an added local flavour. Photo Tour Italy 2017 will also provide opportunities for participants to experience the history, culture, food and wine of the cities and small villages alike.
If you would like to register your interest to receive information updates on this exciting photographic opportunity please contact Alberto at:  or call Alberto on 0412 112 976 or Keith on 0418 838 504.  Keep an eye on Alberto and Keith’s Facebook posts for more information and Keith will be providing regular updates on his website at
Alberto and Keith are hoping that you will consider joining them in Italy in October 2017


A Small World exhibition and auction closes soon.

Steven DaLuz's Emergence.

Steven DaLuz's Emergence.

One of the most interesting exhibitions to happen in South Australia in recent years is Magpie Springs A Small World.

The concept is to show small works of art (painting, collage, photographs), 6x4inch small, en-masse to demonstrate the connection of artists world wide. Most of the participants were reached through Facebook, and the organiser Avril Thomas has worked tirelessly to bring them together.

Artists had to send their submission via mail to the Southern Vales gallery where Avril collated the works, set up a website with auction features, hung the works and hosted hundreds of visitors to the show.

It is a stunningly engaging show, at first glance you see a grid, then like a microscope on a lawn, the closer you get, the more life you see. I found myself lost in the collection, struggling to pick favourites.

The exhibition closes January 15th 2017 as does the auction. Bidding is slow and steady, but it is looking like it will heat up as the closure nears. To really grasp the enormity of the show, you have to visit the gallery.

“A Small World” exhibition is also raising money for Cancer Council SA’s research, prevention and support services with money raised going to the Cancer Council SA on behalf of Marilyn Jetty Swim.

Paul Atkins
As a caveat, I too have a work in the show, a small print of one of my favourite photographs, Flying Solo, here is the link to it on the auction site.

Exhibition Website link
Auction Website link

Paul Atkins' exhibition and auction entry, Flying Solo.

Paul Atkins' exhibition and auction entry, Flying Solo.


SAHMRI Stroke Forum


Atkins Lab was a proud sponsors of the SAHMRI Stroke Forum, and event established to get medical experts in the field of strokes together to discuss break thoughts at SA's new medical research facility, the SAHMRI.

We provided subsidised prints which artist Jenefer Hill prepared for display and sale. The displayed works meshed art and science to enhance the forum. It was most successful.


Album Registry is officially in the house December 1

Can't fork out for photos? Album Registry is an online gift registry which allows family and friends to pitch in. Don't let your memories rot on a USB. #printyourphotos

December 1st, 2016.

Come and meet Jannah the founder of Album Registry and learn how creating beautiful online gift registries for your clients will not only boost your product sales but also your website traffic and builds your client database. 

Album Registry bridges the gap between your clients and the print products of their dreams and an amazing gift idea from their family and friends. You can learn how the implementing this tools has radically changed photography businesses globally with minimal fuss.

Bookings every two hours from 10.30am Thursday December 1st.

Bookings are essential but don’t be afraid to come in groups of two or three.  She loves a crowd and you will have plenty of questions.

Jannah Dryden of J Create and Album Registry

Jannah Dryden of J Create and Album Registry


Werner Herzog's River Of Lost Dreams


Werner Herzog’s River of Lost Dreams

Atkins are proud to show Murray White's latest exhibition at our recently renovated gallery space.

First contact with new lands and an ode to the German film maker, Werner Herzog.
The photographs discover a new world between reality and abstraction. They present invisible land and seascapes that draw the viewer into unchartered territory and lay down a back-beat to world of 15th century explorers, the crawling king snake and Herzog's quest for the unknown. 

Photographs shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand between 2014 and 2015. 

About the photographer.
Murray White spent 20 years as an Asia based photojournalist and now lives in Adelaide.
Work published worldwide including in The New York Times, The Independent, South China Morning Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Bulletin, L'Express, The Telegraph, The Japan Times, Fortune Magazine, Asiaweek, Asian Business Magazine.
Previous exhibitions: "Rodin in China" Rodin Museum, Paris and "The Pursuit of Paradise" The Gallery, Sydney.

Murray White's website.

Opens Friday December 2nd, 5pm to 7pm.
Murray will be in the Gallery Saturday December 10th for questions.
Atkins Gallery, 89 Fullarton Road Kent Town, South Australia

Exhibition closes January 15th 2017.


Sight for All - Red exhibition launch


Please join us for the launch of "Red" at the Adelaide Festival Centre, 
November 29th at 6-7.30pm.

Red runs through to January 22nd 2017, and then will move to the Adelaide Airport.

The exhibition is a curated set from all of the entries we received in this year's challenge. The judges, Lisa Slade - Deputy Director Art Gallery South Australia, Narelle Autio - acclaimed Australian photographer, and Hugo Michell - Art dealer, at the Hugo Michell Gallery did a great job, and now we at Atkins are making the prints and mounting them for the show.

The artists who’s work has made it into the exhibition are: Sarmad Akkach, Alex Aleshin, David Baker, Richard Bennett, Alyce Capurso, Simon Casson, Kirsten Eyles, Sarah Fairbanks, Alex Frayne, Stephen Hunt, Tony Kearney, Louise Kotz, Benjamin Liew, Stephanie Mallen, Mignon McLeay, Mike Moore, James Muecke, Wendy Philip, Badstance, Deb Saunders, Renate Smitham, Michael Stentiford, Cassie Thring, Karen Waller, Margaret Walsh, Simon Ward, and Robi Watt.

At the exhibition we will announce the winning image that attracts the $5000 prize from Optos, a Nikon company.

Click on the below link to book your free ticket to the One Day for Sight - Red exhibition opening.

Please note, due to the cost of service, there will be no catering at the opening.


International Art Exhibtion/Auction begins today


A SMALL WORLD – a Postcard Exhibition
An International Exhibition of small works held at Magpie Springs Gallery, South Australia
Exhibition Opening 13th Nov 2016 2pm  –  Exhibition Concludes 15th Jan 2017 5pm

As artists we can share our works and make connections never before possible every day with each other on social media. We often see our artist friends works but the chance to see or even own an original from that artist is perhaps slim, especially if they are on the other side of the world.
This is your chance to take part in an International show, purchase an original piece from your favourite artist and support cancer research – it’s about making connections through art.
Marilyn Jetty Swim
The Magpie Springs “A Small World” exhibition is raising money for Cancer Council SA’s research, prevention and support services with money raised going to the Cancer Council SA on behalf of Marilyn Jetty Swim.


Kodak film being sold in Australia again.



Several years ago Kodak made the decision that they would not chase film sales here in Australia. This was expressed by prices that were uncompetitive and resulted in most film sales either going to Fuji or grey market imports. The biggest source of these imports was from the USA.

Over past years, film sales and processing has hit rock bottom, and generally bumped along the bottom, seeing small rises and falls. However, in recent times there has been a significant rise in the sale and processing of C41 (colour negative) film, some of it being used by professional wedding and portrait photographers such as Jose Villa, Katie GrantMark Dohring and Dan Wooldridge.

US labs have been successfully promoting film photographers as early as 2013, and several of them have turned it into a big business, attracting processing from Australian photographers. Some of these labs even destroy your film and deliver scans only as part of the service!

Regardless, I digress, this slide away from film for Kodak lead to them not wanting to import, store and sell film here in Australia. They were not alone, Fuji too chose this path. They never said they would not supply it, but they priced themselves out of competition, thus forcing the grey imports. Our cost for much of the film, was three times the price a New Yorker would be paying.

The past few months has seen a reversal in Kodak's policy. I believe it is the result of pressure applied to a customer focussed professional Kodak Alaris rep, Paul Cullity. We at Atkins as well as another Kodak focussed prolab asked nicely and repeatedly. Paul is always listening and saw the opportunity, and we now have a Kodak film supply channel.

To keep the channel open, like the mouth of a slow river, we have to move some stock. Bulk film (20 pro packs or 100 rolls or more) is less than you will pay importing it, and delivery is covered to parts of Australia. Not every Kodak film type is available at such competitive pricing, Kodak Portra 400 in 120 is $10.02 per roll in bulk. Single propack prices have improved a little, but we have to cover storage.

Well done Kodak!


Masterclass: Transitions; emerging to professional


The Centre for Creative Photography are offering an amazing four week class to help emerging photographers into a better 'business' frame of mind.

This is a four night workshop over four Thursday evenings, 27 October – 17 November 6.30-9.30pm

N.B. This course is strictly limited to 12 participants.

You will be mentored and gain a wealth of knowledge from longtime professional photographers Milton Wordley and Simone Hanckel.

The Seminars:

Transitioning from a student of photography to making a living after your studies is challenging.  The CCP and Atkins technicolour have planned a series of seminars to support students by addressing the realities of this process. We are particularly inviting all students of photography to attend these evenings, whether they are:
•    Just commencing their photographic studies
•    Nearing the end of their studies or,
•    Just considering a career in photography.
We believe that it is wise to learn sound business principles and practices early.
The fact is that many students do take on paid work and every professional photographer will face competition from well-intentioned but inexperienced amateur photographers.

•    All sessions are limited to a maximum of twelve students.
•    Light refreshments will be provided during the networking Q&A sessions.

A segment of each class will be dedicated to questions and answers and networking. There will be classroom-based exercises based on the below topics as well as assignments:

•    Pricing : The differences in Domestic pricing and Commercial quoting
•    Photography business models – Commercial and Domestic
•    Basic business budgets; overheads—what does it cost to do nothing?
•    Legal obligations
•    Branding, marketing and Social Media
•    Copyright and licensing
•    Planning and strategies for the Commercial and Domestic market
•    Insurance
•    Career pathways—assisting, art, media, wedding, portrait, commercial, fashion…
•    Case studies
•    Digital asset management (workflow)

Please note: Despite the content of budgeting etc., this is not a bookkeeping or business course, but a realistic approach to making it in the Photographic Industry.


Mallee Routes: Photographing the Mallee


Three photographers, Eric Algra, Gilbert Roe, and Gary Sauer-Thompson in this exhibition are engaged in a collaborative three year project photographing The Mallee from diverse perspectives. This exhibition is a work in progress that kick starts the project. It is envisioned that there will be a number of exhibitions over the next three years as we continue our explorations of The Mallee.

When: Exhibition opening and closing dates: October 7th to 4th November 2016. 9am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday, open until 7.30pm Thursdays and 9 to 12noon on Saturday.
Opening: Friday, October 7th at 5.30pm, Register your attendance at the opening by clicking here.
Where: Atkins' Exhibtion Space, 89 Fullarton Road Kent Town SA. 


Ten questions with Milton Wordley

Photo of Michael Downer : Murdoch Hill, Adelaide Hills, ©Milton Wordley

Photo of Michael Downer : Murdoch Hill, Adelaide Hills, ©Milton Wordley

Industry stalwart and master commercial photographer Milton Wordley, is producing a great blog that can be subscribed to as an email newsletter, called People of Wine. Each post to the blog is a portrait of a wine industry person and their response to ten questions.

The portraits are spot on, and the questions and answers reveal a lot about the industry both Milton and South Australians are passionate about. It is a great read, it draws you into the industry by providing a comprehensive portrait of a slice of the wine world.

Milton's work has always been loaded with story telling, recently he completed the tome, A "Year in the Life of Grange", which sweeps around the globe looking into the making and collecting of Australia's most famous red wine. The book has won many awards, and had been collected much like the wine itself. Out of this book, Milton followed his nose to create People of Wine.

Do subscribe, it is a treat.

Atkins proudly prints for Milton, he has been and continues to be a big influence on our business. We typically print smooth pigment art paper prints for Milton.


Vine Lane Studio Space - for hire


Vine Lane Studios is Adelaide's newest intimate co-working office space located on Glen Osmond Road, here to help people find their focus, creativity and productivity. Enjoy working in this gorgeous old heritage shop front, with polished cement floors, styled with a black and timber theme, filled with lots of plants and not to forget to mention the amazing natural light.

The space has been created to help people feel at ease, to help bring out those special "creating" moments. Not only is Vine Lane Studios agreat place to work from, there will also be plenty of networking opportunities in the future. 

Where is VLS Located?
Vine Lane Studios is located on the corner of Glen Osmond Road and Vine Lane, Glen Osmond. Conveniently next to the delicious cafe “Melon and Rye”, and the renowned “Poppies Flowers ”. Vine Lane is opposite Ridge Park, which not only offers a beautiful outlook of Gum trees but also has a oval and outdoor workout equipment. A bus stop is conveniently situated right out the front of Vine Lane, which is a direct bus straight into the city. There is also ample free on street parking for clients and guests.

The permanent desk space includes all outgoing. Also gives your access to using the private meeting room, bookings  made via a online calendar . If you go down this path you can set-up your own private desk space and really get down to work. 
SPRING SPECIAL : $100 +GST/per wk - contract needed to be signed by 15th September . 

This is a gorgeous private meeting room boasting 3 metre ceilings and a conference table with seating for 10 people. This space offers a TV, Kitchenette, Wifi, A/C, direct access to a sunny communal courtyard and private entrance fromVine Lane. We have created this space so the people who call VLS home can use it for their business meetings. However, it is also available for rent by anyone in the community. We forsee it would be a great space to holdcreative workshops. We also have catering packages on offer from " Melon and Rye " who are right next door. 
- $30 + GST/ph
- $75 + GST/ Half day hire (4 hours) 
- $115 + GST/ Full Day (8 hours)

Whats included at VLS if you rent a desk?
-Your business name affixed to the front window
-Private meeting room with TV
-Fully secured and monitored
-Prominent location + mailing address
-High Speed business grade Internet
-Air conditioning
-Bikes and scooters parking onsite, ample on street parking for clients and visitor  
-Utility bills + Cleaning
-Coffee pod machine onsite

How did VLS come about?
Shona from Shona Henderson Photography is the initiator behind this new space. She has felt driven for many years now to become part of an intimate creative family. Over a 15-year career, Shona has based her business from home for a large portion of it and has on many occasions struggled with the isolation and craved the company of other people working in similar fields. She has always loved the feeling of walking into an office space filledwith animated and enthusiastic individuals, with the buzz of ideas and creative energy in their.  Shona after all these felt now was the time to  create one  herself in the local community . Shona has also had a love affair with the VLS shopfront for many years so when this space became available, her heart strings were pulled and she knew now was the time to make this dream come true. 

Any questions just give Shona a call 0413437587


Centre for Creative Photography - Spring School


The CCP is a fantastic place to grow your photography by learining from some of the best lecturers. The CCP is a Registered Training Organisation as defined and qualified by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. If you are considering enrolling in the CCP certificate programme, you may want to try a workshop first. You will experience the school, the teaching style and passion, and can make an informed decision if this is the place for you to begin your photographic journey!

The CCP are offering six short courses in their Spring School. Hop in, they will be worth your while!

Basic Speedlight (on camera flash) photography
Crash course in studio photography
Crash course in camera basics
Seascapes and startrails
Masterclass, Transitions (for those wanting to transition to professional).


Yelp Food Porn Festival


The #YelpFoodPorn Festival in Australia is happening in Adelaide and there are some fab photos
being submitted highlighting some of the most delicious meals from around our amazing city.
The more we shoot and share our food, the more elaborate chefs creations become to capitalise on our need to share the most memorable or outrageous meals we eat and rack up those double tap likes.

The trend of sharing our visually stunning restaurant experiences on social media isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and the Yelp Food Porn Festival celebrates this movement. To help showcase the most stunning food porn images captured by Adelaide photographers at some of the best eateries around the city, Yelp is hosting Australia’s second Food Porn Festival in Adelaide.

Snaps of your last ridiculous burger or amazing waffles, can be submitted at to enter! For those who enter the festival, there is a swag of awesome prizes for the top winners, such as:

Grand Prize: One Nights’ Accommodation in a Deluxe Studio Suite at The Watson Art Series Hotel including a half day bike hire (valued at $260). Adelaide Sightseeing’s McLaren Vale Food & Wine Indulgence Tour (Valued at $284).

Second Prize: Adelaide Central Market Tour for two people (Valued at $120) and booze package (Valued $120)

Third Prize : Clarity Wellness Package (Valued at $135).

Entries close Sep 25 and will be judged by a panel of Adelaide’s food luminaries and industry experts, including:
● Dougal McFuzzlebutt , UberEATS Expert
● Bree May , 2014 My Kitchen Rules Champion
● Paul Atkins , Managing Director of Atkins Photo Lab
● Sky Harrison , Managing Editor for Newstyle Magazine
● Anita Decoster , Yelp Adelaide City Manager

Judging Criteria, Legal Details and Fine Print can be found on the Official #FoodPorn Site here
Yelp is teaming up with The Market Kitchen to close the Festival with an ongoing exhibition

Key dates and times:

  • #YelpFoodPorn Opening Exhibition & Awards - Saturday 8 October from 3pm - 7pm (Awards being presented at 6pm) The exhibition will offer some free nibbles & drink on arrival for guests. RSVPs on Yelp at this link - spots limited
  • #YelpFoodPorn Day Exhibition - Tuesday 11 October 9am - 5pm (All Welcome)
  • #YelpFoodPorn Happy Hour Exhibition Nights - Thurs - Sat 13 - 15 Oct 5pm - onwards (with drinks & food available - All Welcome)

Makers at the SA Museum

Lake and Trees, Blue Mountains" Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Gold toned Collodio-Chloride print, 8.5x11cm

Lake and Trees, Blue Mountains" Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Gold toned Collodio-Chloride print, 8.5x11cm

Participants join Museum experts and leading artists for an evening of behind-the-scenes experiences, shared stories and an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get creative in one of Adelaide’s most inspiring settings.

In this special Makers at the Museum session, see spectacular scenery and exquisite photography on a guided tour of the National Photographer of the Year exhibition with photographer Paul Atkins, then explore traditional photographic methods in a workshop with the Analogue Laboratory.

Using a collection of original dry glass plate negatives, Analogue Laboratory artists Alex Bishop-Thorpe and Aurelia Carbone will guide you through the process of making collodio-chloride photographic prints. With a range of original artefacts as examples, you will explore the variety of ways photographs were personalised on their way to being treasured mementos, from creating homemade postcards to introducing printed vignettes and messages into the photographs themselves.